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Passive House design uses superinsulation and airtight construction along with continuous mechanical ventilation to achieve a comfortable building temperature year round while using very little energy. To meet the Source Zero requirement, the building must generate as much energy as it uses, on an annual, source-energy basis. The current energy modeling shows the building generating 25% more energy from the on-site solar array than the building will use on an annual basis. The building features triple-glazed windows, super insulated roof/walls/slab, LED lighting, electrical load monitoring, daylighting, urban timber re-use, a 25 kW solar array and a geothermal HVAC system. Thanks for checking us out!

About the numbers

The Park District doesn’t utilize all its energy equally throughout the year, nor does the energy produced from solar arrays come in equally. This is due to not only more sunny days, but other factors such as the sun’s angle being lower in the winter resulting in lower energy production. This dashboard shows the peak usage that occurs in the summer compared to the usage in the winter, showcasing when the solar savings is most important.

Electric Usage
Solar Production